Luis Pabon

Bio: I am an amazing Visual Artist, Poet, Singer-Songwriter and Social Worker who currently resides in Albany, NY. I originally hail from Bronx, NY where I was born and raised. My art reflects the beautiful contradiction of my existence and the many questions I have about my kalidoscope heart and its galaxy of emotions. I look forward to forging an intergalactic alliance with other stellar constellations. In the meantime, I will polish off my star and let my light shine in the friendly skies of my paper and pen. Let's go!!!!

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. i will continue to follow you and your wonderful insight on life. enjoyed your enjoyed reading your post… fantastic.

  2. Hi Luis, my name is Carmen. I was very curious to know whatever became of your uncle? The one that was released from prison with the Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS) issues. Was he able to overcome and heal? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. I’m dealing with a similar situation with someone that I absolutely love and adore.

    • Greetings Carmen,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and share your testimony with me. I know it is not easy trying to walk alongside someone living with Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS). To answer your question, my uncle upon release struggled with reentry back into society. He was able to secure work in the field of construction however the work was often times sporadic and seasonal. This resulted in frequent periods of unemployment and subsequent bouts of depression.

      Eventually he got married however due to so many unaddressed psychic wounds related to his incarceration, he struggled with interpersonal and romantic relationships and ultimately divorced.

      He lived on his own for a while and continued to date however he continued to struggle with relating to others and presented as extremely hypervigilant, agitated, irritable and aggressive. It was very difficult to watch as he exhibited some antisocial traits as a result of being in prison for over 21 years.

      He tried to self medicate and mask symptoms of PICS by drinking and smoking cannabis however this only resulted in another altercation with a buddy that ended up with him in the hospital and losing partial feeling on the left side of his body.

      That incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it motivated him to begin seeking healing through a higher power-GOD. He began attending Christian meetings and studying the scriptures and worked hard to put on “the new personality” according to Gods will for his life and not his own.

      Right now he currently lives with my mother who continues to provide spiritual, emotional and mental support. He has made great changes as a result of his total submission to God. I wish I could say that he is healed and that he has overcome his struggle with PICS however I believe that he has to manage that every day of his life. He still at times isolates himself and can be very rigid and unyielding as a result of prison culture and what he has learned while incarcerated. It has been over ten years since he was released and he continues to exhibit mild signs of trauma. However I must say that everyday gets better as there is a spiritual foundation that we as a family can reach him on whenever he presents as disgruntled or hostile. Having that spiritual foundation definitely helps as to be honest I see the work that God continues to do in my uncles life.

      Carmen it sounds like you love and care for the person in your life who experiences PICS. It is definitely hard as a caregiver to continue to stay motivated to provide support. My uncles belief about his incarceration and his feeling that he was wrongfully accused continues to interfere with his ability to fully move forward. I think ones beliefs about their time in prison will influence their continued journey towards recovery. I definitely recommend intensive counseling to process all the guilt, shame and anger that stands at the root of PICS for both you and your loved one as the trauma is contagious and you can also experience a form of vicarious trauma being in such close proximity to your loved one. YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF to ensure that you are a healthy support to your loved one. I sincerely hope this finds you in good health and in good spirits and I wish you and your loved one the best on both of your continued journey’s towards healing.



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